Established in 2006, we are the wholesale sister company of Gadijou which has around 30 years of experience in gifts, promotional items, party supplies and concept branding.

Its target is to help Gadijou expand in Lebanon, the middle East and the Gulf countries.

We are producers, brand agents and brand distributors.

Gifts for all holds many international brands and imports from USA, UK, Italy and the Far East. Stores comprise a wide variety of gift products ranging from traditional, expressive,

Vintage, lovable, funny, cute and trendy. Through its retail and wholesale channels, Gifts for all targets all categories of people who wish to express themselves with creative ideas.

By combining our creativity, originality and innovation throughout our more than 20 years of experience in this field, we supplied the Lebanese market with surprisingly thoughtful

And expressive high quality gift ideas. Trendy and creative ideas are what gifts for all is all about. Whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift, a special way to say thank you,


A nice goodbye gesture, a romantic Valentine’s surprise or if you simply want to show someone that you care, GFA is always the best way to go.